Monday, May 28, 2007

A Trio of Doodles

This was a flower-grid-made-up-letters doodle. Just a few doodles within the same small area. The one on the upper left is a grid doodle--basically a doodle that was lines going one way, then lines going the other way. And then the easiest doodle of them all, a flower. I colored this one red, and it looks like a poppy. Quite appropriate for Memorial Day. Want to know why poppies are associated with Memorial Day? Click here. Lastly, the bottom are just scribblings of letters, not spelling anything and not meaning anything. They were originally going to be some angular line shapes to go between the little star-shaped things, but they really turned out like letter forms.

1 comment:

maya said...

I love the description..very cool.
Doodles ROCK!